Tullens Fruit Farm
Tullens Pickhurst Lane
RH20 1DA

About Us

Founded in the 1950's as one of the Country's first pick-your-own farms for soft and tree fruit the farm also supplied a large quantity of dessert and culinary apples to Covent Garden and other fruit and vegetable markets. With the advent of Supermarkets and now that all varieties of fruit are available year round most pick-your-own farms (including Tullens) have ceased operation. Apple Orchards throughout Sussex and Kent have largely been grubbed out as the supermarkets demanded fewer varieties in uniform size and appearance.

In 2002 Ivor & Lynda Kiverstein purchased Tullens Fruit Farm. With its history of producing high quality fruit the farm is ideal to re-educate the consumer in the South East as to the attractions of a "real" English apple and the different flavours that are available as the season develops.The farm already produced old favourites such as Coxes Orange Pippin , Worcester Pearmain and Bramley. The new owners' strategy was to add to this by replanting as many old varieties of English apple as can be obtained from the Nurserymen .Over time Tullens hopes to become the premier source of traditional apple varieties in West Sussex .Varieties already planted up include: Ashmeads Kernel (1700)Blenheim Orange (1740)Egremont Russett (19th Century)Ellisons Orange (1904)Kidds Orange (1932 )Laxtons Superb (1897)Lord Derby (19th Century)Lord Lambourne (1907)Spartan (1926)New plantings are anticipated from time to time as additional varieties become available.

As well as selling fresh fruit, our most popular and plentiful varieties of apple are pressed to make pure apple juice which is sold in 1litre bottles direct to the public and in 330ml bottles to restaurants and pubs. This juice is pasteurised for long life.

Lynda Kiverstein has for many years raised rare breed Dorset Down Sheep. As a long standing member of the flock society and a Council Member she and her husband do everything possible to promote this fine breed . Several first place rosettes have been won by the (now renamed)Tullens Flock at Agricultural shows in the South East over the last couple of years. Tullens Elsie, a fine Ewe, was the Inter Breed Supreme Champion of the show at the Singleton Rare Breed Show in 2010 .High quality stock is sold to other breeders and is particularly suitable for start up and smallholder flocks because the sheep are so friendly and easily handled .Dorset Down lamb is available to order for the freezer (as a whole or half lamb) through Tullens Farm Shop. It is extremely popular due to its high flavour when compared to leaner more modern breeds.

Our produce is sold directly to the public through Tullens Farm Shop . We also sell at farmers Markets in the area (currently Chichester, Arundel Petworth and Shoreham).